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莫听穿林打叶声,何妨吟啸且徐行, 竹杖芒鞋轻胜马, 谁怕? 一蓑烟雨任平生。

< 打钱 > 或者给这个 yypE 送 < 女票 > 都会让他异常兴奋~

EMail: yype@foxmail.com

Here is a personal website of a poor <UESTC student>. He likes computer science and cybersecurity and has recorded some of his stupid discoveries here. You might find something interesting here if you have a common hobby with him.

Besides... He's poor and currently single, so he will greatly appreciate it if you could send him some < Money > or a < Girl Friend > , he's going to freak out if you've really done that.